Port Areas.

The PORT OF KIEL ist your "five-star port" among the European sea ports. We warmly welcome you to our modern terminal facilities and through our outstanding service, we would like to invite you to be a recurring guest and strong partner of the PORT OF KIEL.

This is us: dynamic, innovative, flexible, highly professional and – this is importnat to us: personal. Be a part of the PORT OF KIEL spirit. On this page you will get to know us. Maybe you want to become a part of us - as port of call, shipping or logistics partner or as a colleague.

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The Kiel Fjord

Map: Mutabor, map based on map BSH, add-ons: PORT OF KIEL


Port Areas

The port of Kiel is appreciated for the high quality of its terminal infrastructure and handling service. Thought-out and clearly arranged areas, rectified and structured sectors of the terminal facilities enable smooth traffic flow in the PORT OF KIEL – also and especially during the peak season!


Berths at PORT OF KIEL

The port areas of PORT OF KIEL are situated all around the Kiel Fjord at strategically convenient locations. They are easily accessible with regards to traffic and they are ideally designed to meet the requirements of the shipping companies, passengers and freight forwarders active in that area.

Specifications Schwedenkai

Maximum draft.     9 m
RoRo-berths   2
Length of quayside   720 m
Total area   64,000 m2
1 RTG crane   up to 40 tons capacity
ISPS certificate   yes
City centre distance   50 m

Specifications Ostseekai

Maximum draft.     9.5 m
Berths   2
Length of quayside   355/285 m
Gangways   2
Passenger capacity   9,000
Waiting area   2,500/1,800 m2
Luggage area   2,500/1,800 m2
Operational area   7,300/14,000 m2
ISPS certificate   yes
City centre distance   300 m

Specifications Ostuferhafen

Maximum draft   11.5 m
Length of quayside   1,700 m
Total area   500,000 m2
Warehouses   71,200 m2
Covered areas   16,500 m2
RoRo-berths   6
2 cranes   up to 140 tons capacity
1 RTG crane   up to 45 tons capacity
Berth no. 1
Capacity   5,500 passengers
Length cruise berth   395 m
Gangway   mobil
Waiting area/luggage area   1,300 m2/>3,000 m2
Operational area   13,000 m2
ISPS certificate   yes
City centre distance   8 km

Specifications Norwegenkai

Maximum draft.     9 m
RoRo-berths   2
Length of quayside   175 m
Gangway   2
Passenger capacity   1,000
Waiting area   1,600 m2
Luggage area   500 m2
Operational area   4,000 m2
ISPS certificate   yes
City centre distance   300 m

Specifications Scheerhafen

Maximum draft     10.5 m
Length of quayside   375 m
Total area   8,000 m2
ISPS certificate   yes

Specifications Nordhafen

Maximum draft     up to 9.5 m
Length of quayside   861 m
Total area   16,000 m2
Silos   77,000 m2