Shore Power

Shore power supply is a reasonable way to avoid emissions during demurrage, especially for ships berthing in Kiel’s city port on a daily basis. In recent years, accurate technical plans for installations at the terminals Schwedenkai and Norwegenkai have been prepared, waiting for their implementation. However, the power available ashore has to compete against the power generated on-board. In addition to low bunker rates, the German Renewable Engergy Act (GREA) contribution is a major cost driver for shore power, which is not charged in the often quoted ports of Scandinavia. The big passenger ferries calling at Kiel require approx. 4 GWh of shore power per year. This means additional annual cost of 275,000 Euro just due to the GREA-contribution. Furthermore, the power produced on-board is a lot more favourable because of the currently low bunker rates. This results in a high 5-digit figure cost disadvantage. In order to justify the service in economic terms, an exemption from the GREA contribution for power to be purchased during the period  of demurrage in port would be imperative. Such an exemption would also contribute significantly to enhancing the market penetration of shore power in general. Despite numerous appeals and initiatives, politicians have not taken any action so far. Shore power is something that should be required by law in order to actually realise this eco-political matter. It should be supported rather than being subject to extra cost that does somehow not apply for the conventional power generation on-board.

Shore Power PORT OF KIEL

PORT OF KIEL makes a first step and has decided to equip the terminal Norwegenkai with a shore power facility for the daily Norway ferries of Color Line. Technical standards and developments in the cruise sector show that alternative fuels like LNG and fuel cells will prevail. When building new vessels, shipping companies count  more and more on alternative fuels. In fact not only for operations out at sea but also for Dual Fuel motor supply during demurrage. So, shore power technology can be an interim solution for cruise liners. Shore power and LNG supply in the port of Kiel will be supported when requested by the shipping companies.

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