Green Energy.

Power from renewable resources

Since 2014, the PORT OF KIEL covers its electricity demand from renewable resources. After only a few terminal areas had been supplied with eco-power, today it implies all port facilities. Compared to the standard power mix of the local provider (508 g CO2/kWh), the CO2-savings amount to about 99.3 per cent. According to the climate protection certificate of the power provider more than 1,900 tons CO2 are avoided every year.

Alternative power generation

The PORT OF KIEL has invested into alternative technology for generating energy and has installed photovoltaics on a number of buildings in Kiel's Ostuferhafen. Since 2013, these systems produce an average of 200,000 kilowatt hours per year which are fed into the local power grid respectively are available for own use.

Picture: Marco Plundrich

Lighting Technology Conversion

Since 2014, the PORT OF KIEL utilizes energy-efficient LED lighting technology in its buildings and realises considerable energy savings compared to conventional lighting technology. As from the construction of Shed 4 in Ostuferhafen in 2013, all new buildings are being equipped with this lighting concept. The conversion of the Norwegenkai terminal building, Shed 1 and 2 as well as the Ostuferhafen depot was realised in 2015. Through the measures taken until today, 400,000 kilowatt hours are saved per annum. It is planned to convert further realties. However, the next step will be to equip Ostuferhafen terminal's open space with LED lighting. About 340,000 euro will be invested to install 150-180 LED lamps. The open air areas of the other port parts are going to follow consecutively.

Energy efficiency

The PORT OF KIEL and KIEL AIRPORT have been audited according to the regulations of DIN EN 16247-1 with respect to the requirements of the Energy Service Law (EDL-G). The recommended actions following the audit – mainly about lighting facilities and management – have mostly already been realised respectively are going to be realised upon pending reconstruction projects.